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Northeast of Storm Lake

Past Weeks Rainfall 25 to 1 inch in southern portions of the area, very little in northern and western areas (Clay, Palo Alto, Emmet & Northern Buena Vista Counties)
Soil Moisture Topsoil moisture short, subsoil moisture below average
Temperature Variable, but mostly cooler than normal
Crop Progress Near normal


Crop Stage Planting
Yield Potential Average

Corn Market

Current Prices $7.08
Fall Prices – 2021 $5.51
Past Weeks Trend


Crop Stage Planting
Yield Potential Average

Soybean Market

Current Prices $15.71
Fall Prices – 2021 $12.99
Past Weeks Trend

Welcome to the 2021 growing season. As usual, the only constant in agriculture is change,and we sure have changes since my last crop update in October of 2020. (see market section below).

First crops. April was mostly cool and dry. Good conditions for getting field work done, and planting started. Most corn in the area is planted at this time, with the majority planted the last week of April. Soybean planting is also progressing well, and I would estimate at least half of the soybeans in the area are planted.

While soil conditions were good for planting, an early concern is moisture to get the plants started. Topsoil moisture is quite short, and the areas not lucky enough to receive the rain last Sunday night may be dealing with delayed/uneven germination and emergence if we do not get another rain fairly soon. Cool weather in the forecast will keep early growth slow as well.

Nationally, the planting is off to a good start with 46% of the corn and 26% of the soybeans finished, both well ahead of normal pace. There are many areas of the Midwest with below normal moisture over the last month. Unfortunately we are one of the areas also coming into this growing season with lower subsoil reserves as well.

The grain markets are very interesting to say the least. Prices of both crops are at the highest levels since 2013. Strong export demand has really moved the markets since last fall, and more recently supply concern have kicked in. An important area of Brazil’s corn growing region has received very little rain over the last month, and prospects are poor for that trend changing as they enter their normal dry season. Lower yields there will push most corn business our way. Our weather worry season is just kicking in, and some risk premium is being added for concerns of dry weather here.

Nathan Deters

Nathan Deters
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