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Northwest of Storm Lake

Past Weeks Rainfall 0 to .5 inch
Soil Moisture Short subsoil
Temperature Average
Crop Progress Fast planting progress


Crop Stage 90% planted
Yield Potential 100%

Corn Market

Current Prices $7.08
Fall Prices – 2021 $5.45
Past Weeks Trend 18 cents higher last week


Crop Stage 70% planted
Yield Potential 100%

Soybean Market

Current Prices $15.63
Fall Prices – 2021 $12.96
Past Weeks Trend 13 cents higher lastweek

Field conditions allowed for rapid planting progress. The majority of this region’s corn crop was planted last week, and many farmers rolled right into planting soybeans. For the second year in row, the vast majority of the crop will be planted by the end of the first week in May. Rainfall during the past two weeks was spotty at best. Most of Plymouth,Cherokee, and O’Brien counties had less than a quarter inch during that time. Some of the recently planted seed may lack soil moisture needed for germination and emergence. The extended (two week) forecast is generally cool with slightly above average chances for rainfall. We are hopeful for a widespread soaking rain event soon.

The earlier planted corn is very close to reaching enough accumulated heat (GDUs of 100-120) for emergence. Corn planted before about April 23rd was planted into pretty cold soil,and some of the more recently planted corn is in dry topsoil. I don’t expect widespread stand issues, but it’s something to watch over the next couple weeks. It’s early enough in the spring to justify replanting a poor stand of corn. On the plus side, we shouldn’t have nearly as much compaction, nitrogen loss, shallow roots, or seedling disease issues this season which are common problems in saturated soils.

Soybean planting is on a fast pace in this region (similar to last year). I’ve noticed more and more farmer planting some of their soybeans ahead of corn or at the same time as corn with a second planter. In the past, most farmers wouldn’t consider planting beans before mid-May. We are seeing soybean yield can respond favorably to early planting, and today’s seed treatments help reduce the risk of seedling disease.

Chad Husman

Chad Husman
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