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Northwest of Storm Lake

Past Weeks Rainfall .5 to 1.25 inch
Soil Moisture Topsoil is ok subsoil is short
Temperature Cold last week, warm this week
Crop Progress Slow growth, but should start improving


Crop Stage 4 to 10 inches (V3 –V4)
Yield Potential 100%

Corn Market

Current Prices $7.00
Fall Prices – 2021 $7.00
Past Weeks Trend About steady last week


Crop Stage 2 to 6 inches
Yield Potential 100%

Soybean Market

Current Prices $15.49
Fall Prices – 2021 $13.42
Past Weeks Trend About steady last week

Warm weather this week should push crops to grow quickly after a cool stretch in May.Parts of Northern Iowa, Southern Minnesota and Southeast South Dakota experienced some frost last weekend. So far, it looks like crop damage in this area was very minimal,but more time is needed to assess each farm. This area had fairly widespread rain last week which was needed. The two week forecast has shifted warmer and drier with high temperatures of 90 degrees later this week. The crops have soil moisture to use now, but more rain will be needed.

Most corn fields are a little uneven at this stage but generally no major issues. The corn is still transitioning from the seminal root system to the nodal roots, which is often an “ugly duckling” stage. Once that process is finished, corn should really improve quickly if conditions are favorable. Corn fields with more crop residue on the surface (less tillage)are generally smaller and a little more uneven, but those fields may have more plant available moisture later in the season.

Soybeans are benefiting from warmer weather also. Most are only around 4 inches tall at this stage. Frost can kill soybeans more so than corn this time of year because the growing points are above ground. I believe most frost damage on beans in this area is light(not a killing frost), but it will take a few more days to be sure. Soybeans seem to prefer somewhat drier weather this time of year compared to corn, so they may have an advantage this year. Most fields will need to be sprayed for weeds in the next two week.

Chad Husman

Chad Husman
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