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Northwest of Storm Lake

Past Weeks Rainfall .5 to 3 inch
Soil Moisture Short
Temperature Average
Crop Progress Fast crop growth this week


Crop Stage 4 to 6 feet, 2 weeks from tassel
Yield Potential up to 100%

Corn Market

Current Prices $6.52
Fall Prices – 2021 $5.18
Past Weeks Trend 38 cents lower last week


Crop Stage 6 to 12 inches, starting to bloom
Yield Potential up to 100%

Soybean Market

Current Prices $13.54
Fall Prices – 2021 $12.47
Past Weeks Trend 49 cents lower last week

Northwest Iowa finally had widespread rainfall over the past four days. However, amountswere spotty with some farms receiving 2 or more inches and others only a half inch.Multiple hail storms also arose with severe damage in Plymouth County especially. Cropsare responding to the much needed rain with rapid growth and improving health across thearea. Rainfall totals for the month of June in this reign ranged from less than 1 inch to 4inches. On average we get about 4 inches of rain here in June. May and June are typicallythe wettest months of the year. Some areas are running about 6 inches less than averagerainfall over the past 60 days. The weather outlook is trending warmer and drier for thenext two weeks.

Most corn still looks relatively good at this stage. Most corn is 4 to 6 feet tall and 10 to 14days from pollination. The drought stress doesn’t seem to have permanently damagedmost corn outside of light sandy spots. It’s still easy to spot size variability, which startedwhen corn emerged in early May in cold, dry soil. Additional rainfall as we get closer tocorn pollination will be needed, and we’re hopeful to avoid excessively hot temperatures. Istill think trend line yields are possible in this area but unlikely.

Soybeans are 8 to 12 inches tall. They have been slow to grow because of dry soil. Thebeans will start to bloom soon (some already have). We have potential for an acceptablesoybean crop, but weather conditions in July and August will be the biggest factor.Significant rainfall will be needed.

Chad Husman

Chad Husman
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