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Northwest of Storm Lake

Past Weeks Rainfall 0 to .3 inch
Soil Moisture Too dry
Temperature Hot
Crop Progress Crops are in reproductive stages


Crop Stage Full tassel – silking
Yield Potential up to 100%

Corn Market

Current Prices $6.33
Fall Prices – 2021 $5.16
Past Weeks Trend 21 cents lower last week


Crop Stage Beginning pod
Yield Potential up to 100%

Soybean Market

Current Prices $13.99
Fall Prices – 2021 $12.94
Past Weeks Trend 21 cents lower last week

The first half of July was a big boost to the crops with favorable weather, but recent hot and dry conditions are taking a toll. It’s been about two week since the last rain in this area. We don’t have much soil moisture reserves to pull from. On the positive side, nighttime temps have been more moderate and the crops are benefiting from high humidity and heavy dew. The 6 to 10 day forecast shows some moderation of temperatures but below average rainfall chances.

Corn in this area continues to look good despite drought conditions. Some areas are showing stress again, especially in light or compacted soils. Pollination is wrapping up this week, so a rain soon would be very timely. This corn crop has potential for good yields if conditions improve in August. Many fields are getting sprayed by airplane or high clearance sprayers this week for plant disease and insect feeding.

Soybeans will soon start their most important time period. They are now blooming and making pods. Plant height and new growth may be limited by dry conditions. In a few weeks soybeans will shift energy more to filling pods. We need a few good rains between now and the end of August for a respectable soybean crop.

Chad Husman

Chad Husman
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