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Northwest of Storm Lake

Past Weeks Rainfall 2 to 8 inches
Soil Moisture Variable
Temperature Below average
Crop Progress slightly ahead of schedule


Crop Stage Kernel Fill (Milk)
Yield Potential Average or better

Corn Market

Current Prices 5.56
Fall Prices – 2023 4.51
Past Weeks Trend 27 cents lower


Crop Stage Full Pod to Beginning Seed
Yield Potential Average or better

Soybean Market

Current Prices 12.90
Fall Prices – 2023 12.31
Past Weeks Trend 38 cents lower

For the first time in more than three years, this entire region received major rainfall. The heaviest amounts (6+ inches) were in parts of Sioux, Lyon, and Osceola Counties, but nearly the entire northwest region had two or more inches over the past five days. The rain was badly needed for crops across the region, but especially in parts of Plymouth, Cherokee, and BV Counties.  Temperatures so far in August have been below average, which is also beneficial to crops at this stage. The long-range forecast shows average to above average temperatures with normal chances of rainfall. I’d call that a favorable forecast.

Corn pollinated successfully back in mid-July and is now in the milk stage. Corn yields were reduced by hot, dry conditions in late-July, but it’s hard to say by how much.  Farms with lighter soils and areas receiving less rain took a significant hit. However, I still think most farms in this region have very good yield potential on the corn. Rainfall amounts, soil quality, and fertility will make a big difference again this year. I expect results will be highly variable, which is not unusual. By late-August, weather will have little impact on corn yield. But the size and weight of kernels are still progressing over the next few weeks. 

Soybeans will benefit from August rain even more than corn, so recent rain was critical. The soybeans are filling pods while making new pods. They are nearing their maximum height for the season.  This is the most important stage for determining bean yield. Some additional rainfall this month, plenty of sunshine, and normal temperatures would be ideal conditions to finish out August and early September.  

Chad Husman AFM

Chad Husman AFM
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