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Southeast of Storm Lake

Past Weeks Rainfall None to trace amounts
Soil Moisture Short
Temperature Hot
Crop Progress Early to Mid-Reproductive Stages


Crop Stage Full tassel (R2-R3)
Yield Potential Average to above average

Corn Market

Current Prices $6.33
Fall Prices – 2021 $5.26
Past Weeks Trend


Crop Stage Pod Development (R3-R4)
Yield Potential Average to above average

Soybean Market

Current Prices $14.18
Fall Prices – 2021 $13.13
Past Weeks Trend Slightly lower

The beginning of July brought good showers to most areas SE of Storm Lake.  Prior to those rains, most corn fields were showing drought stress and soybeans were mostly stagnate in growth.  Since that time, both crops have advanced greatly.  Many corn fields SE of Storm Lake began tasseling the second or third week of July.  Fortunately, during that time, daytime temperatures were cooler which created favorable conditions for corn pollination.  All corn fields that I been in have pollinated well.  Kernel counts in most cases have met or exceeded my expectations.  Over the last week, the conditions have been hot with daytime temperatures reaching the upper 80s to lower 90s with high humidity.

Airplanes have been common sight and sound above fields SE of Storm Lake.  Many producers are applying fungicides to maximize the yield potential of this year’s corn crop.  I expect the airplanes to continue zooming through the air for the upcoming weeks as they begin applying fungicide treatments to soybean fields.

Both crops will require one or two good rains in the month of August to finish off in their current condition.  There is a decent chance of rain heading into the weekend of July 31st.  If rain is missed during that event the weather outlook over the next 14 days do not look promising.  The National Weather Service (NOAA) is calling for mostly normal to above normal temperatures and precipitation at mostly below normal.  Pictured below is the 6 to 10 Day weather outlook.  Temperatures are shown to the left and precipitation is shown to the right.

Grain markets continue their choppy path.  The most recent news has been mixed.  Pressure to the market has come from favorable short-term weather forecasts calling for rain over areas of the corn-belt.  There is also concern with the Delta variant of Covid-19 becoming more wide spread.  Adding strength to the market is a weakening dollar, shrinking corn crop in South America and decreased yield potential in the western corn-belt due to high heat and continued drought conditions.

Luke Pearson

Luke Pearson
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