Grain Marketing

Successful grain marketing requires an understanding of past grain market performance, current crop prospects, world economic conditions, and market psychology with cash flow needs of each client.

Grain marketing is an art which requires daily attention. Chicago Board of Trade and local elevator prices are monitored daily. Stalcup managers continually analyze numerous sources of grain market information and talk with industry experts to stay current.

Marketing methods include: Cash sales, forward contracts, put or call options, no-basis established contracts. On-farm grain storage is recommended to control costs and allow the flexibility to sell to the best market.

Crop Insurance

Our philosophy on crop insurance is to examine each client’s situation regarding risk of crop loss and individual risk bearing ability before making an insurance recommendation. We do not take a blanket approach to crop insurance, but design each plan to our client’s needs. With that in mind, the first step is choosing from reputable companies with whom we have had good experience over the years and then comparing rates from several companies to assure the best buy.

Multi-peril Crop Insurance provides coverage for yield reduction from nearly all causes including drought, hail, wind, flooding, fire, insects, and plant disease. It differs from hail insurance as the level of coverage available and the premium is established for each individual farm based on yield history or average county yields.

Crop Hail Insurance covers hail damage. Most hail damage does not significantly reduce income, but occasionally there are severe losses.