Conservation Farming

Another way to maintain and improve the condition of your farm is through conservation farming. These techniques are designed to reduce or slow runoff, maximizing water storage, and reducing soil erosion.

Traditional conservation practices such as terraces, grassed waterways, and tile are effective when working properly; however they require occasional maintenance and improvements. In some cases, older conservation systems must be changed to accommodate modern equipment. Your farm manager regularly evaluates these systems.

Modern equipment technology and chemical weed control options make it much easier to conserve our valuable soil. Field operations are designed to leave crop residue on the soil, protecting against soil loss and improving soil structure. Contour farming, conservation tillage, no-till, and strip till are all technologies used on Stalcup managed farms.

GPS Soil Sampling

We have developed our own GPS soil mapping/soil sampling system to more accurately assess soil fertility. This system achieves three goals: applying fertilizer where it will produce the greatest returns, protecting the environment by using rates based on existing soil fertility, and maintaining in-house control of soil fertility records to guarantee independent decision-making and dealer selection flexibility.

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