Very few farm real estate companies can match Stalcup’s background. Your farm real estate transactions are handled by farm managers who understand the Northwest Iowa real estate market. Daily farm management activities provide first-hand knowledge of soils, area farmers, neighborhood influences, and physical features impacting the value of a farm. In addition, we provide extra services that lead to a good sale: accredited appraisers, CPA access, and appropriate sale methods. The entire sale process is coordinated to clear title problems and assure a timely, smooth closing.

Stalcup Ag Service's key benefits include: Farm auctions and farm real estate, private treaty sales, experienced in section 1031 exchanges, market analysis of comparable sales to determine expected range of value.

Comprehensive Advertising Including:

  • Direct mail to local residents, landowners, attorneys, bankers, CPAs and our database of investors
  • Local and regional newspaper ads
  • Stalcup Ag Service and national websites
  • Radio
  • Signs on farm and flyers posted locally
  • Personal contact with potential buyers
  • Thorough property resume
  • Drone Video
  • Online Bidding Available

Farmland Acquisitions

When it comes to real estate, you have to live with what you say.

Many people ask us for help locating a farm or analyzing a prospective purchase, and more times than not we must turn our farm analysis or recommendations into action with management after the farm is acquired.

Purchasing a farm is considered a long-term investment and makes up a significant portion of a person’s investment portfolio. Knowledge of the land market in each neighborhood is valuable, and careful study is needed to determine environmental risk, potential capital improvements, long term yield expectations, and neighborhood influences.

Location, location, location is a key phrase for owning real estate. Issues such as proximity to grain markets, livestock facilities, roads, and growth patterns of municipalities must be taken into consideration.

You can be confident that Stalcup’s expert personnel will understand your goals and make a recommendation that fits your needs. After all, chances are we will manage the farm for you and have to live with what we say!

1031 Tax Exchanges

Stalcup assists clients in navigating through the 1031 Tax Deferred Exhanges. We understand the process and can connect you to a qualified intermediary to complete the transaction. Specific paperwork needs completed to meet the requirements, and companies and some attorneys specialize in this process. We work with these experts to make sure the farm you sell or purchase using the IRC Section 1031 Like Kind Exchange is completed correctly.

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