After interviewing several banks and farm management companies, I felt very comfortable with Stalcup. They make a point to get in the field and talk to the operators regularly and report back to me. Living a long ways away, I have to depend on someone who knows and understands my farm. It makes a real difference to have a company with a trust level of your next door neighbor checking everything out. Dennis and the other Stalcup Ag Service managers are extremely knowledgeable and personable, but it’s their hands on approach and availability that sets them apart from the competition.

Janette Cassidy

Our Stalcup farm manager, Nathan Deters, has a good knowledge of farm management issues. He keeps on top of rental rates and the details of our renter’s farming practices. Nathan is very smart and fun to talk with about all aspects of Iowa farming. He understands the details of our farm operation, information about farm inputs, crop production, and land values. We feel he is honest and fair and has established a good relationship with our renters as well as with us. Nathan has been good to spend time with us, giving us fascinating tours of other farms and an ethanol plant when we come to Iowa. The Stalcup office staff is always courteous and helpful to us. Stalcup is the best farm management company we have experienced.

Anne and Gill Williamson

The team at Stalcup is extremely professional, thorough and knowledgeable about everything that has to do with agriculture and profiting from the global growth and demands of the business of agriculture. They have a proven expertise in finding investment opportunities and managing assets for long-term profits. We work with Nathan Deters, a consummate professional, knowledgeable, realistic manager who has provided strong results and excellent perspective. We will continue to recommend Stalcup’s services to anyone interested in quality agriculture investing and management.

Brent and Susan Krantz

To Chad Husman, Farm Manager: “The Phillips family would like to take a moment to thank you for the manner in which you go about your job. We appreciate the open lines of communication whether it be verbal, email, or via reports. The “extras” you do don’t go unnoticed. Weather updates including rainfall amounts. Locating a sign company to help with design of our Century farm sign and overseeing the installation. Helping with purchase of the new farmland in O’Brien County. Arranging time for Paige and Mark to harvest, a record setting 112 bushels of soybeans per acre. Okay, maybe it wasn’t 112 bushels but it was fun! Such things as arranging rooms at Kings Pointe Resort or connecting with the bank to assist us in viewing our account online are the touches that elevate you and Stalcup.

The process of preparing for our in-person meetings is not what we have experienced with other management companies. We like the in-office, sit down discussions with you and value your insight on the various reports you have prepared for us. In addition, you carve-out time during your busy schedule to tour the properties with us.

We enjoy our time with you if it is over lunch and spending time looking over the crops, all while learning about the Agricultural Industry and how it pertains to us.

We are appreciative of the behind the scene items as well communicating with our Farm Manager in Nebraska and our Accountant in Arizona.

The distribution checks are always good!

We thank you for your professionalism and look forward to continuing doing business with you as our Manager and Stalcup as our Iowa farm management company.”

Mark Phillips & Family

Ancestors of my Mother bought a parcel of land in NW Iowa in 1906. Since the early 1930’s it has been farmed by a series of tenants. Just about a year ago the remaining family (one in Wisconsin, one in Minnesota, and one in Pennsylvania) decided that we wanted to sell the acreage. Very well, but how to accomplish that? After a bit of research and inquiries, we decided on Stalcup to perform the sale via an auction.

The degree of communication and organization that Kent provided made us comfortable soon after we made the commitment to Stalcup. The entire process went very smoothly, and at no point did we feel as though we didn’t know what was happening with the preparation for the auction.

I can say without reservation that the three of us came away from this year-long working relationship with Kent and his staff at Stalcup most impressed with both he and his company. Our “long-distance” major real estate sale could not have gone any better.

Best regards, David Palmer